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These are some of the man of God that poured into my life for the last 3 years at bethel school of supernatural ministry! I m for ever greatful! God is so good and so faithful! Now ready to go into all the world and see revival breaking out first destination BRAZIL!! @kevindedmon @brevived @angelojeanpierre @brandonrice_ Chris overstreet!

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Joaquin Evans bringing a storm in Santa Cruz!!! It's all about the presence... Such an honor to seat under those powerful man of God! @joaquinevans @reneejevans

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Randy Clark is in town / healing school :)

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I had a great Time in Germany (Sttugart and freibourg) with Kevin dedmon! Yesterday I had the huge opportunity to teach on the prophetic and prophecy over the leader of this amazing church ;) Now I m going Back to Switzerland! And I m preaching tomorrow morning in the French speaking part of my country at my dad's church :) thanks @kevindedmon